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Doc Bones

Doc Bones

How did Dr. Reid acquire his expertise in treating sports injuries? By working with some of the toughest athletes in Portland: the ladies of the Rose City Rollers, Portland's female roller derby league.

It's part showmanship and part doctor of all things, where Dr. Reid, who serves as team doctor under the name "Doc Bones," has treated everything from torn ACLs and hip bruises to broken ribs. But Doc Bones hasn't stopped there. He also donates his time and services to local mixed martial arts fighters.

Both are impact sports at their toughest, where Doc Bones takes preventative care to the next level.

Read more about Doc Bones in his interview with the Portland Tribune.

In addition to roller derby and mixed martial arts, Dr. Reid does regular visits to the Rose Garden, the Roseland Theater, and the Clark County Amphitheater to treat musicians on tour. He has worked on musicians from such bands as Sleater-Kinney, Alice in Chains, Poison Idea, The Hives, The Donnas, Tim McGraw, Good Charlotte, and Machine Head.